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Welcome to Men & Supermen fans

Jerry Stratton, May 19, 2004

Welcome to the Men & Supermen fans who are reading this new web site. I hope to be able to provide more timely updates to the Men & Supermen system in the same way that I have been providing updates to Gods & Monsters. The whole thing is now automated in the same way, which means that you’ll get RTF and monolithic HTML files as well as a web page and Adobe PDF files.

Men & Supermen is a much different game from Gods & Monsters. Where Gods & Monsters tries to tightly focus on heroic fantasy role-playing, Men & Supermen tries to emulate the vast number of styles of play of superhero fiction.

It also was written before the web, and so the layout does not take web publishing into account at all. I’ll be looking at changing that as well.

This also means that I will no longer be printing up my own copies of Men & Supermen. Within a few weeks, I hope to have Men & Supermen up on my storefront. The print quality will be a whole lot nicer. It will actually have its title on the spine. And the cover will be in color. All that psychedelic rainbow in full color? Perhaps, perhaps not. I’ll have to see what I can come up with cover-wise.

The Men & Supermen page (tentatively titled The Biblyon Free Press) will display the same articles you see on the Biblyon Broadsheet, but in a different format. In the Men & Supermen world, Biblyon is a small town in Massachusetts with a notorious insane asylum.

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