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Free shipping extended through July

Jerry Stratton, July 1, 2004

Our printer, Lulu.Com, has extended their free shipping offer on orders above $25 through the month of July. If you want a printed copy of the two combined books (the Player Guides and the Complete Adventure Guide’s Handbook), the total will run you exactly $25.90 as long as you order by July 31, 2004.

This only covers shipping to “U.S. Domestic” addresses. This is most likely their cheapest shipping which, by my experience, takes about two weeks if you’re on the other side of the country from them.

As an aside, Lulu has recently changed printers, and the quality is even better than before. Their covers are now laminated, and it makes a big difference. As I’ve said before, I use them as my printer: my copies come from them, not from the laser printers I have access to at the office.

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