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Wandering monster chart assistant

Jerry Stratton, August 26, 2011

I find it a lot easier to construct wandering monster charts using percentages; you can use this tool to create d100 tables from either a list of percentages or just a list. A simple list is divided up with even chances which you can then adjust.

You can also use this to convert your existing tab-delimited tables and edit them.

Enter your encounter list in the text field and press the convert button to see them as a table of ranges.

When pasting, you can use three formats.

  • “01-20[TAB]Monster name” will be converted to a percentage (in this case, 20%).
  • You can also just enter a list of encounters one per line and it will evenly distribute the ranges among each encounter.
  • Or, you can enter “Monster name[TAB]30%”, one per line, if you know the percentages and want to automatically generate the ranges.

If you already have your chart in a table, copying it will probably copy it as tab-delimited; that’s standard behavior for spreadsheets and word processors. If you build the list by hand, you’ll need to do it in a text editor or other place that allows you to type tabs.

You must have JavaScript turned on to use this tool. There’s enough going on here that you probably also need a standards-based browser from the last few years. I’ve tested it in Safari 5.1, Firefox 6.0 (in fact, it appears to work as far back as Firefox 1.5), and Google Chrome 13.

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