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Haloscan comments system removed

Jerry Stratton, January 30, 2007

I’ve removed the Haloscan commenting system from the Broadsheet. No one was using it, and all it did was add another point of failure to the blog: slowness on Haloscan’s server would cause my own pages to appear to load slowly every once in a while.

I may add comments back in later, but probably with local code. I’m slowly moving my main web site over to Django; when I’m done with that I may convert my blogs over to Django also.

In the meantime, the old-fashioned comments remain available. They’re available right beneath the list of available articles from any Broadsheet page.

In response to Testing haloscan for comments: Haloscan provides comments so I don’t have to. This is a beta test of providing comments on all Biblyon Broadsheet articles.