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Testing haloscan for comments

Jerry Stratton, September 14, 2006

A few blog sites I read use for their comments. It turns out to be very easy to install, so I’ve decided to test it out. I’ve got a big series of geekiness starting up this weekend, and thought it might be useful to provide a commenting system for it.

For the moment comments are unmoderated so that I can test HaloScan’s anti-spam filters. If they work as I expect them to, I’ll be enabling moderation in a few weeks (assuming I continue using HaloScan at all).

There are quite a few options; let me know what you think about them (you can even, hopefully, use the comments for this article to do so). For example, do you prefer pop-ups or not? I normally hate them, but discovered while testing this that it does make it easier to comment on an article if I let the comments section pop up.

There are occasionally discussions of these articles on the Free Roleplaying Community mailing list as well if the article touches on free content gaming. It’s a high signal-to-noise ratio mailing list at the moment, so if you’re interested in free content gaming I recommend signing up.

January 30, 2007: Haloscan comments system removed

I’ve removed the Haloscan commenting system from the Broadsheet. No one was using it, and all it did was add another point of failure to the blog: slowness on Haloscan’s server would cause my own pages to appear to load slowly every once in a while.

I may add comments back in later, but probably with local code. I’m slowly moving my main web site over to Django; when I’m done with that I may convert my blogs over to Django also.

In the meantime, the old-fashioned comments remain available. They’re available right beneath the list of available articles from any Broadsheet page.

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