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Post-Forge Midwest: Arneson and Roses

Jerry Stratton, April 18, 2009

I just got back from Forge Midwest last night (I took a roundabout route through Michigan for a family visit). A couple of things happened during the con worth mentioning.

Dave Arneson

After false reports a couple of weeks ago, Dave Arneson died. In the history of role-playing gaming as we know it, he was one of two people who really could be described as the fathers of the craft. What he did defined old-school. Within our little subculture of game designers and game hackers this makes it more obvious that an era has passed.

Blazing Rose

In brighter news, Sabe Jones’s Blazing Rose is now available in ashcan form. This is a really fun game that crosses card games like hearts with role-playing-style narration as you lay your cards down. You and your friends create Rivals for a Beloved, and create a story in which one of the rivals wins the heart of the beloved. This game has a definite winner: whoever wins the game, their rival gets the girl/boy/alien thing. It’s easily played in one night’s session; go forth and buy.

Story Games Names

Primetime Adventures: Primetime Adventures on Post-Forge Midwest: Arneson and Roses

While setting up for a game of Primetime Adventures, we decided on the story of a royal family on a far desert planet (“after an interplanetary war, the men of the family plot to institute the patriarchal rule they’ve seen on other planets”); the names were Byzantine Greek, with one Aztec name for a captive noble from another planet. Our director sent a copy of the Story Games Names Project around the table so that we were able to quickly choose appropriate names for our cast. Jason Morningstar has taken the PDFs and made them available in printed form on Lulu.

This book is a godsend for convention gaming; it makes choosing a name quick and easy.

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