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Big Damn Archmage

Jerry Stratton, August 18, 2009

Jeff Rients’s Big Damn Dungeons, about making maps of dungeons when they don’t fit on a single paper and don’t fit in two dimensions, reminded me that I’ve been wanting to link to the Greyhawk Grognard’s Castle of the Mad Archmage.

I’m doing so literally on the day that the Grognard has decided to move on from Greyhawk, so I don’t know what’s up for levels seven through thirteen. That still leaves us with five levels of mega-dungeon madness, so if you’re looking for something uniquely old-school to drop on your game, check it out. The Old-School Revolution has made some wonderful things available for Gods & Monsters players, and this is one of the best.

Don’t forget to grab the rest of the maps, too (and level 2). They’re included in the main PDF, but it’s nice to have standalones. Especially these beautiful non-repro retro blues. Note that level 1 doesn’t have a map, because level one is your adventure that the Castle is a dungeon for.

September 3 2009: the Grognard himself wrote in with “Just a quick note; Castle of the Mad Archmage is back on the front burner. Expect Level 7 sometime soon.” See more at Castle of the Mad Archmage Update.

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