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Online die roller

Jerry Stratton, January 1, 2008

While going through the Gods & Monsters web site in preparation for (a) fixing all of the links in the greater Highland Games part of the site and (b) adding a magic item database, I ran across an old die roller that I’d forgotten about in a hidden corner of the site. Once I cleared the cobwebs off, it worked pretty well.

I’ve updated it to allow linking, and to show how abilities are rolled; I’ve also re-rendered some of the dice images to make them look better, now that I know a little bit more about rendering in Persistence of Vision.

Note that the links in Highland Games are not yet fixed, so a lot of them don’t work, and a lot of them lead to domain spam, at this writing. When I’m done with that, the RPG section of my site (excepting this blog) will use the same Django template as the die roller page.

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