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Dragonsfoot Adventure Modules

Jerry Stratton, October 20, 2007

I was browsing through Keep on the Borderlands today and, looking at that horrible blue map color that TSR used in its adventures, went and did a Google search on non-repro blue maps. This brought me to a Dragonsfoot forum, which in turn brought me to a treasure-trove of free PDF adventures.

I was especially impressed with John Turcotte’s “Beneath Black Towen” and “Where the Fallen Jarls Sleep”, Michael Haskells “The Battle for Gib Rus”, and Lorne Marshall’s “Moonless Night: The Defense of Goblin’s Tooth”.

Black Towen has a nice player map and really hits the old TSR graphic style well. If you’re an old-school gamer you’ll recognize the shade of blue they use for the dungeon maps in Towen and many other of these adventures.

Because they’re AD&D (first edition) you should have little trouble using them in a Gods & Monsters game if you need a quick adventure for tonight’s game!

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