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New open gaming category

Jerry Stratton, March 12, 2006

Open source and open text gaming has a lot of benefits for gamers, and there is growing discussion about it on the web. One of the best places is the Free Roleplaying Community. Rather than post a note whenever there’s a good bit of news up there, I’ve added their news feed to a new category called Open Gaming. Depending on your browser, you can see it in the lower right. You can also see these articles in the new “all articles” link in the masthead.

These articles will not show up in my news feed. I’m assuming that if you want to be notified of those articles automatically, you’ll subscribe to their news feed and won’t want the articles showing up multiple times in your aggregator.

Also, the next update of the rulebooks will be coming out in the next few days. If you’re as geeky as I think you are, there will be a few tidbits for you to enjoy. I’m still a long ways from the next printed version, however.

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