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Gamers and Gods

Jerry Stratton, October 20, 2005

Cocytus on Gamegrene has a nice article on Fantasy Cosmogony 101. A cosmogony is a story or theory of the creation of the world. Because every good game setting needs a sense of the divine,

As is the case with all NPCs, players tend to remember the characters they feel strongly about. If you want to make religion a distinctive aspect of your setting, you must develop gods that characters will love, hate, and even find inspirational. Your gods should be the best-drawn NPCs of all... they help define your universe and how it works.

The key to getting your players to care about your gods--one way or the other--lies in developing a cosmogony for your fantasy setting. More than a simple description of your gods and their attitudes, a cosmogony is a story, or better yet a collection of stories, that describes the origins of your gods and their relationship to the universe.

Go read it; it’s interesting, it’s a lot longer than the Gods section in the Gods & Monsters Adventure Guide’s Handbook, and it has a good source list. You’ll see a little more of the default Gods & Monsters cosmogony (which Cocytus rightly advises you not to use) when I get Vale of the Azure Sun up.

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