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New, improved Helter Skelter!

Jerry Stratton, September 13, 2014

Helter Skelter is now in the new format. It has a nice new PDF with a table of contents. The resources file remains the same, but is more prominently linked on the adventure’s web pages.

For our group, Helter Skelter was a turning point in the sandbox. The characters had consulted an oracle—an ancient bean-si—in the mountains and decided to go to the first city. They didn’t yet know what it meant, but the oracle told them to consult Red Jack. Red Jack led them to The Road.

On their way to the Road, they went through the Song of Tranquility adventure from Fight On! #7. Song of Tranquility’s working title was Skeleton Crew. I wrote it because I realized that Expedition to the Barrier Peaks had the wrong feel for what they were doing. I’d still love to run Expedition at some point. I’ve never done that adventure, either as player or DM.

The Road led them to The City. That adventure will come next, I think. But probably after I redo the Encounter Guide and Arcane Lore.

The really cool part of this adventure turned out to be the matchbooks, which are meant to be introduced during an earlier adventure to draw the characters into the right doors. The newspaper wasn’t too bad either: it really does look real. Helter Skelter contains the coolest ephemera of any of my adventures, I think.

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