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New, improved Haunted Castle!

Jerry Stratton, August 13, 2014

I’ve just uploaded the new, easier to read and use version of my favorite adventure, Illustrious Castle. This also means that the PDF is improved: besides being in 9x7 format for easier reading on a computer screen, the PDF contains a table of contents and some links back and forth between content.

Further, I’ve integrated the maps into the text; note also that the maps are now in Inkscape format for easy modification. You can download all of them as part of the zip resources file for the adventure.

Unlike all of the rest of the Gods & Monsters adventures except The Vale of the Azure Sun, this adventure is from the elder times: it is an early adventure I originally wrote for AD&D, and have enjoyed it so much I have continually used it since them. Back then, it was Castle Oberon; later I added the library town and turned it into Illustrious Castle, noted that the castle was haunted and added the Haunted appellation.

When we restarted our gaming nigh on ten years ago, and I needed a second adventure for the group, this is the one I pulled out of my bag of tricks. We had as much fun with the town as we did with the castle!

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