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Knee deep in monster frogs: A Judges Guild history

Jerry Stratton, December 8, 2011

Knee Deep in Frogs: Remnants of an old game from Judges Guild, in Bill Owen’s Judges Guild history book.; Judges Guild

A sample page from Judges Guild’s Bob & Bill; the book is 12.75 inches by 10.75 inches, 80 pages.

I was on the Acaeum boards a few weeks ago and saw this announcement from Bill Owen:

I have gotten around to uploading the long-awaited coffee table edition of the JG history originally published 3 years ago with 36 pages. With 127% more pages (each over twice as big) with lots more pictures and text and most of the original pictures larger… this is a blockbuster!

Leads off with an embarrassing correction of the first edition! INCLUDES the original, full-size versions Tegal Manor and City State maps. This is a hard-cover, premium paper, case-wrap, full-cover, double-swanky edition.

It’s apparently a full-color book from Today he uploaded a preview of the book. You’ve got to go look at it. At over a hundred dollars, I’m probably not going to get the book, but after looking at that preview I’m tempted. There’s also a PDF closer to my price range.

It’s filled with old-school ephemera, such as photos of hand-drawn maps of Tegel Manor, the City State, and many others I don’t recognize in the preview, as well as photos of other original documents and memories of gaming in the mid to late seventies.

The Bill Owen Q&A thread at the Acaeum is also an interesting read.

We and a lot of customers liked the classic, olden look of the maps. And I think it’s important to remember how our level of quality may have impacted customer usage. What I mean is that if we’d provided extremely high quality (printing wise) materials especially if on slick, glossy paper, how many people would have felt comfortable or even able to mark them up with their own personalization.

Rob Conley also pops ups with mapping tips and questions. It’s an amazing time travel expedition.

If you’re tempted, too, take a look now: he’s discounted the book during the “launch”, and of course is running almost non-stop sales over the holiday season.

January 6, 2012: Arghh! As cool as this book sounds, I can’t recommend the “PDF” version. First of all, it isn’t a PDF. It’s some sort of proprietary e-reader format from Adobe. Second, even after installing Adobe’s Adobe Digital Edition software, very few of the great images show up, and those that do show are practically unreadable.

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