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Beyond here lie dragons

Gonzo Gaming

Jerry Stratton, November 29, 2004

I don’t really know where to put this one, so I’m putting it here in the news section. Earlier, I reviewed Avalance Press’s very nice “Vlad the Impaler” game supplement. While browsing their site for my upcoming review of “All for One and One for All” I ran across a history of gonzo in their game offerings.

Mostly it’s about their wargaming offerings, but towards the bottom they started talking about their d20 line:

Our line of role-playing books was not exempt, either, and John Phythyon took to this tradition with gusto. The first few books had only a few gonzo elements, though I was very proud of the uniped’s special ability to taunt player characters using their darkest secrets. But it was Vlad the Impaler that set a new standard for us: the dung-hurling vampire. This inspired perhaps the strangest moment in the history of Avalanche Press.

I knew I liked these folks. Go to their page to read the rest. Suffice it to say that their playtesting is much deeper than mine.

In response to Vlad the Impaler: Blood Prince of Wallachia: Books and movies paint him as a monster and a madman. “The reality is worse.” This sourcebook tells the story of Wallachia’s prince Vlad III Tepes. “And it all really happened.”