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Something Positive

Jerry Stratton, March 6, 2004

Randy Milholland is publishing a very good comic strip series on-line about a couple of geeks and the weirdos who befriend them—including a South American midget and a cat with a bone disease that causes it to act like silly putty. But an evil silly putty that eats other cats.

Oh, and they occasionally game, and that’s pretty funny, too.

The main characters are probably Davan, Aubrey, and PeeJee, three long-time friends from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. PeeJee is really a Canadian, but met Aubrey and Davan in Texas. All three of them are highly cynical. Aubrey and PeeJee are violent, dangerous sociopaths in the Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist mode. They’re not lesbian—they haven’t dated Davan yet—but they could certainly use sensitivity training.

When they grew up, they moved to Boston, but with friends like these you never really grow up. They’re still violent, and Davan is still cynical and blatantly insulting.

“If I didn’t ruin the moment by saying something stupid, I wouldn’t be me, would I?”

Milholland generally follows the characters and their troubles in the order that they happen to the characters. But he is currently jumping backwards to their high school years to give us some background on a previous storyline. Sometimes he also jumps into their imaginary gaming lives, as when PeeJee’s boyfriend pisses her off while his D&D character is attacking Colonel S’An Darz and his extra-crispy golems.

All in all, it’s a fun strip with interesting, well-developed characters. I currently have only four strips in my daily bookmarks, and one of them is a pity link. “Something Positive” is one of the three that I really look forward to reading every day.

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