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Sold Poores

Jerry Stratton, May 8, 2006

While I still love their chips, I’ve sold my Poore Brother’s stock. As I said above, the snack market is a competitive one, and I don’t see SNAK taking the steps to make themselves stand out. Their recent proposed name change from a memorable one to The Inventure Group was the deciding factor for me. That just doesn’t sound like a company I want to be a part of. (Besides being completely forgettable—I had to verify it in the press release—there’s already a group with that name.)

The name change was indicative of a problem I’ve been seeing for a while now, which is that they seem to be losing their focus from intensely-flavored snacks. So, I sold a couple of weeks ago. SNAK may well still be a good investment, or it may not. But it no longer is a good investment for me, and I didn’t want to leave that statement on the above article when it was no longer true.

Note to market: this is a signal for their stock price to rise precipitously.

In response to Great Potato Chips: Great snack chips for role-playing gaming sessions.