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Beyond here lie dragons

Dragon from the ashes

Jerry Stratton, February 8, 2005

If you haven’t been paying attention to Dragon Magazine lately, you may want to take a look. Our university bookstore just started carrying it as of #328, the February 2005 issue, so I thought I’d glance through it. I eventually bought it up when I realized I was reading most of the articles while standing there in the bookstore.

There is a new editor, Erik Mona, and his plan is more features and more articles about fantastic ideas. This issue is interesting, but next issue looks, frankly, awesome.

  • Stats for the protagonists in Beowulf;
  • The real-world origins of mythological creatures;
  • The Mesopotamian mythos.

This hearkens back to the “good old days” when Dragon Magazine contained truly useful and interesting features. I still have a folder of dog-eared photocopies of Dragon Magazine articles on coinage, armor, communication systems, sea travel, several analyses of real-world battles... I’m looking forward to seeing this Dragon’s new direction.

The articles themselves are far more readable than I recall. A much simpler layout and color scheme for most articles makes them easier to read. And they still have Nodwick and Dork Tower. Check it out the next time you’re at the bookstore or gaming store.

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