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Beyond here lie dragons

Fourth 2004 Update

Jerry Stratton, April 25, 2005

As we move towards the 2005 printing, changes have become minor.

This is the second-to-last update before the 2005 printing. The next update will focus on the new skill system and the new mojo system. If you want to comment on those two proposed changes, please go read them!

Thief Skills

Backstab was too expensive. Each increase costs four points (rather than six). The first increase changes the damage multiplier to two, the second to three, the third to four, etc


The specialty Long Life was changed to allow for obviously longer life. It provides for living ten times as long instead of only three times as long.

The Ritual Magic specialty also allows ritually casting incompatible spells.


The multi-headed Brood of Kerberos have been added to Demons. Corpse lamps, or will o’ the wisps, have been added to undead.


The compatibility roll has been made easier. Before impressing any new spell formula, the sorceror must make a successful Learning roll to see if the spell and they are compatible. This roll is at a bonus of six, and a penalty equal to the level of the spell.

If the Learning roll succeeds, that spell is compatible with the sorceror and need not be made again. If the Learning roll fails, the spell is not compatible with the sorceror and the sorceror cannot impress that spell. The player may try again on increasing their character’s Sorceror level.

Sunlight has been renamed Light and its effects downgraded to a very bright lantern.

Magic Table has been clarified: the table’s surface will remain at about mid-level to the caster at all times.

The Sleep spell has been clarified: the player may (before rolling the dice) reduce the number of levels affected and apply this as a penalty to all remaining saving rolls vs. the Sleep spell. If the reduction is 3 or more, it is possible for zero levels (and thus zero creatures) to be affected.


Spark of Life has been clarified.

Aurora has been added as a third level spirit. Fog has been added as a fourth level spirit. Aurasight has been added as a fifth level spirit. Heal Injury and Restore Health have been added as fifth level spirits. Death’s Door has been added as a sixth level spirit.

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