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Combat bonus costs modified for warriors, other minor changes

Jerry Stratton, April 12, 2004

This update takes a look at the effectiveness of warriors. There are also a few minor updates to spells and spirits.

Combat bonus cost for damage

The cost for warriors to increase damage is now one combat bonus point instead of two. An analysis indicated that two points per damage point was not useful.

The cost for increasing defense was also dropped to one point.

Classical sorcerors need not roll to cast spells

The time required for learning spells balances out the classical sorceror’s other benefits?

Escape spell missing from tables

The ninth level summoning spell Escape was missing from both the level-based list of spells and the schools-based list.

Sunlight/darkness spell and spirit modified

The sunlight spell was marked as having a 10 yard diameter when it should have had a 10 yard radius. While looking at it, I modified the spell to have a ten yard radius plus one yard per level.

The sunlight spirit has been modified to have a fifteen yard radius plus one yard per level, and a one hundred yard range plus two yards per level.

Mnemonic impression time increases

The time to impress a spell is now three minutes per spell level, plus a ten minute preparation time to get in the right frame of mind. Mnemonic sorcerors must already be well-rested, or the preparation time increases to half the time the character has been awake.

Spirit calling time increases

Prophets must spend twenty minutes in prayer before calling any spirits, and the prophet must have their holy symbol.

Negative survival becomes positive injury

In order to increase our options later, and to get rid of negative numbers, survival points can no longer fall below zero. Any damage that would cause survival to fall below zero instead adds to the character’s injuries. The rules regarding bleeding and dying remain the same, but use injury points instead of negative survival points to determine penalties.

Besides getting rid of negative numbers, this makes it easier to implement different damage systems in the future. Negative survival was never the mirror image of positive survival.

Preparation for printing

In preparation for uploading this version to for those who need to order printed copies, some minor clean-ups (such as a spell check) have been performed.

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