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What’s wrong with Gralen and Valono?

Jerry Stratton, March 6, 2004

In the example sorcerer description (Gralen Noslen), you list that he has 3 spell slots but can only memorize 2 spells. Shouldn’t that be 3 slots and 3 spells according to the description of the sorcerer?

Similarly, the NPC prophet text says that he has 10 calling points and that a first level spirit costs him 4. Isn’t that incorrect according to the prophet description?

Thanks so much,


Yes, both of those were incorrect, for different reasons.

In Gralen’s case, I had accidentally put in new rules that I had been testing. Under the new rules, sorcerors gain a number of extra spell slots according to their intelligence as a major contributor, but their maximum spells per level are only increased according to their intelligence as a minor contributor. As a mnemonic sorceror with an intelligence of 15, Gralen gains a bonus of two to maximum spell slots, but only a bonus of 1 to spells per level. Thus, while he has three spell slots, he can only memorize up to two first level spells. Since, as a first-level sorceror he can only memorize first level spells, that extra spell slot will go unused until he reaches second level. (Under the older rules, if you wish to continue using them, both bonuses were the same. Under the older rules, he would have been able to use all three slots at first level.)

Valono was using some older, more complicated rules that have been gone for quite a while. He should have had, like Gralen, a bonus of two calling points, for a total of three, not ten. As you pointed out, both his point total and the cost of calling a spirit were completely off. Under the new rules, Valono gains a bonus of one to his calling points (his intelligence as a minor contributor) instead of a bonus of two.

Thanks, and I’ve fixed the current on-line version of the rules, updating them to the new version I’ve been testing.

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