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Well-behaved deities seldom make history

Jerry Stratton, June 6, 2018

I was inspired a few weeks ago to make a Gods & Monsters t-shirt out of Doré’s engraving of Moses breaking the tablets of the law. After a minor issue with the first batch, they are ready. I have one in white and one in ash grey.

It looks nice enough that it inspired me to finally open the Zazzle store I started back when I first published Gods & Monsters back in 2000. This means you can also purchase an “I survived Illustrious Castle” with the completely esoteric symbol of Eliazu on the front. I made up those shirts for the first group to go through Illustrious Castle in its Gods & Monsters form. I also made up shirts that said “I died in Illustrious Castle”. I don’t know what happened to them.

This page should automatically update with the latest Zazzle products, should there be any more.

Well-behaved deities (ash)
Well-behaved deities seldom make history, a t-shirt in ash.
Well-behaved deities (white)
Well-behaved deities seldom make history. A t-shirt in white.
I survived Illustrious Castle t-shirt
From the time capsule, a never-before-released shirt from 2000 or so. I distributed these to the first players who went through Illustrious Castle (and survived).
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