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Welcome to the new Biblyon Broadsheet!

Jerry Stratton, January 16, 2010

I’ve been ignoring the Biblyon Broadsheet because the means of entering new articles and links isn’t nearly as easy as for the other sites on my server. So now I’m moving the Broadsheet into the new format.

All links should continue to work; whenever a portion of the site gets moved, I’ll make sure that old requests get redirected to the new URL. Eventually all of the old articles will be moved into the new site. I’ve already done this once before with Mimsy so it shouldn’t be too hard.

The new format will make it easier for me to make quick links to articles on the burgeoning old-school net. It will also make it easier to link to Youtube videos if any game-related ones cross my path.

It also will automatically use whatever commenting system I use on the rest of the site; currently that’s JSKit, but I am toying with the idea of making a custom system that does exactly what I want.

For the computer geeks, the new Broadsheet is built off of a custom CMS I wrote using Django (and Python). It’s the same CMS I use for Mimsy Were the Borogoves and Negative Space.

Welcome to Biblyon, scholar!

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