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The people of Mordol

Jerry Stratton, October 21, 2010

After uploading the Isle of Mordol, I discovered a handwritten file of stats for the various people and factions on the island. So, I’ve added an appendix, “People of the Island”, that includes the bandits of the island; the army, priesthood, and royal court of the city of Cankor; the NPC parties from Castle Barkon; the Dwarves of Hadgkol; the military command of the Elves; the Orc mercenaries and the emissaries to them; the villagers; and the gods, demons, and god-demons figuring into the island's history.

No additional maps, but you do get folks like:


AC -8, HD 89, hp 283, At 8 (soul fire), D 3d4+33 & 2-4 levels, CE

MR and CP: level% in 10%

Spells: phantasmal force (no concentration needed, victims save at -10, once every 1/2 turn), fire ball (40th level, once every turn), wall of fire (2400 square feet, 3-18 points through, no concentration needed)

Because you never know when you’re going to need a god-demon to spice an adventure up!

In response to The tractor-feed dungeon: This is it: my first megadungeon. Journey with us now back to the magical eighties. A time of transition, a time of morning in America, and a time of vampire sharks!