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Introducing Illustrious Castle

Jerry Stratton, July 10, 2005

During the goblin wars, Illustrious Castle was overtaken. When the goblins were pushed back, the remnants of the Order of Illustration returned to the castle. But the best of the Order had been lost in the great push south.

The Order of Illustration, once dedicated to learning and the spread of knowledge, became secretive and reclusive. Seen less and less often in the nearby town of Biblyon, they eventually disappeared completely. When one late autumn the librarians and townsfolk investigated the castle, they found a mass suicide in a ruined castle. Unable to live with their degraded state, the Order had simply done away with itself.

Since then the castle has been an eerie place, avoided, haunted. Biblyon remains a place of learning and research, but the deserted castle overlooks the town as a sleeping giant, empty, crumbling, and foreboding.

Biblyon and its library remains an important resource for scholars throughout the known world. But recent tales tell of demonic eyes in the darkness about Biblyon, hideous creatures feeding on deer and livestock, and night trolls raiding travelers, scholars, and farmers.

Illustrious Castle is the perfect companion to the introductory adventure, Lost Castle of the Astronomers. Illustrious Castle is suitable for four to six 2nd to 3rd level characters

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