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Gods & Monsters 2004 now available

Jerry Stratton, May 2, 2004

The 2004 edition of the Gods & Monsters books are now available on Since the last edition, Lulu has changed their web look: they no longer have those annoying pop-down menus that used to follow your (or my) mouse around the screen. If you’re interested in a print copy, head over and take a look.

They also have USPS shipping again, so you should be able to pick up both of the combined books and get the complete game for $30 again.

High quality covers

I have also made the high quality cover images available for download. On the main Gods & Monsters page, each book that has a bitmap cover image (rather than a vector cover image) now has a link to the “High Quality Cover Image” that I use for the 300 dpi cover.

The cover images are also released under the GNU FDL. Someday sooner rather than later I want to organize the Persistance of Vision source files and make them available for download as well.

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