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Fight On! 9 PDF for $4.00

Jerry Stratton, September 24, 2010

Brontosaur: An apatosaur grazing by the ocean.; dinosaur

There’s also a quick guide to stereotypical dinosaurs, by Jerry Stratton!

Just as I finished reading Fight On! issue 9, comes the news that the PDF version is on sale for $4.00.

This is a great issue. It’s dedicated to Paul Jaquays and includes an interesting interview with him. It also includes a sub-level for his marvelous Caverns of Thracia, by Tavis Allison of The Mule Abides. Caverns of the Beast Mistress is an exciting adventure with some really nice ideas in it. It will work just fine without Thracia, too.

There’s also an evocative city described by Gabor Lux in Khosura: City State of the Four Mysteries. Be warned, it’s a “part I”, so if you enjoy it you’ll end up wanting to get issue 10 as well.

James Quigley’s The Hobgoblin God’s Crown is a neat little infiltration adventure for levels 3 to 5, into the temple of a dead god. It’s heavily inspired by the legends of the Huns of the early middle ages.

Geoffrey O’Dale, of Inferno fame, provides a neat little plug-in location for any underground dungeon. It’s an underground river that could fit just about anywhere you need an extra bit of adventure.

There’s also another level of the megadungeon The Darkness Beneath. Jeff Rients writes The Blasphemous Shrine of the Tentacled God. Like most of these dungeon levels, it can be used on its own. Given the difference in tone between this and the other levels, you may decide to omit it from the megadungeon but still use it elsewhere. It’s as weird as you would expect from Jeff.

There’s over a hundred pages of cool stuff in this issue; they’ve been trying to keep it down to 88 pages or less so that they can use magazine-standard saddle stitching instead of book-standard perfect binding, but there’s been too much cool stuff to keep the page count down.

I don’t know how long the sale is going to last, but if you’ve been on the fence about buying any of these magazines, this is a great issue and a great price to start with.

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