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Wizard’s Hand

Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:3 hazelnuts
Duration:level minutes
Casting time:1 round

The wizard’s hand is a nearly-invisible version of the sorceror’s hand, created just above the sorceror’s right or left hand—whichever is grasping the hazelnuts. The hand can move at up to ten yards per round and can manipulate or lift anything as if it were the caster in the caster’s current state; the caster must manipulate their own hand to grasp, lift, or manipulate anything using the Wizard’s Hand.

The caster can feel physical objects but not energy (such as heat or cold) or chemical effects (such as acid); the hand is immune to energy and chemicals. Any damage caused by or to the hand exceeding half level points in a single attack or action dispels the hand and the caster takes two points damage; otherwise, the caster takes one point damage if it is destroyed.

If the hand is plunged into liquid or moved through gas, it will displace the liquid or gas as normal. It cannot fit into places that the wizard’s hand could not also fit.

The hand is nearly invisible; there is a penalty of eight to detect it, and it is treated as invisible with a defense of +2 for purposes of combat.