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Wizard’s Ear

Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:sea shell
Duration:level minutes
Casting time:1 round

The wizard’s ear is a nearly-invisible ear and lobe, created next to the sorceror’s own left or right ear. The ear can move at up to ten yards per round and can move through any space at least large enough for a disembodied ear. The ear is at a disadvantage over the equivalent eye or hand in that it has neither touch nor sight to guide its movement. For this reason, the ear will be most useful for destinations within sight of the caster or a known distance away.

The wizard’s ear can hear normally. If the ear is subjected to deafening noise, the sorceror will be deafened for one to three rounds depending on the level of noise.

If the ear is plunged into liquid or moved through gas, it will displace the liquid or gas as normal. It will not be harmed.

The ear is nearly invisible; there is a penalty of eight to detect it, and it is treated as invisible, with a defense of +4, for purposes of combat. If the ear takes more than half level points of damage, it is dispelled, and the sorcerer is deafened for one round.