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Range:3 yards per level
Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:spider web strand
Duration:5 minutes per level
Casting time:3
Area of effect:level yard diameter

Web conjures a spiral net of tough, sticky, grey strands much like a spider’s web. The web is twice level inches thick, and very strong. Creatures may tear through the webbing if they make a strength contest against ten plus the level of the spell. Attempting escape takes one full round.

The strands must be cast between two or more points (like a spider’s web), The width or height (or depth if horizontal) of the web can be increased by up to 50%, with a corresponding reduction in the other dimension. A strand can maintain a weight of up to level times thirty pounds; the entire mass can maintain a weight of level times one hundred pounds. When the spell ends, the strands disappear.