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Range:level yards
Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Duration:5 minutes per level
Casting time:20 minutes
Area of effect:special

Teleportal allows travel as the lower level teleport spell. The caster must be at least familiar with the area. The portal can be up to 4 inches wide, tall, or diameter, per level, and can be made to conform with the size of an existing opening or object if desired (e.g., a window, a door, or a mirror). No light issues from the portal—it is a grey area. Other than that, it acts as the teleportspell. It allows for travel both to the destination and from the destination. The portal exists on both ends. At 20th level and higher, the sorceror may choose to make the portal not exist on the destination end.

If one end of the teleportal is blocked, the portal cannot be used.

The spell’s component is a gem worth, in silver coins, the number of digits in the distance (in miles) between the portals, times 1,000. If the distance is from 0 to 9 miles, the gem must be worth 1,000 silver coins. If from 10 to 99 miles, the gem must be worth 10,000 silver coins, etc. If the gem is destroyed, so is the spell.