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Casting time:2
Area of effect:special

Teleport transports the sorceror and any target(s) nearly instantly to a destination known to the sorceror. Transportation takes 2d6 minutes, no matter the distance. The sorceror may transport any number of extra individuals or objects (all of which must be touching or which the sorceror is touching), up to 150 pounds per level above nine.

Teleportation can only occur to a place, some location that the caster has been and is memorable, or which is describable. This means that the caster cannot teleport to empty air, to the insides of solid matter, or simply by distance and direction. Also, the facing of targets is not guaranteed: if facing is necessary, roll d12 and consult a clock for the relative change in facing of the targets.

If the destination is in some way blocked (for example, because it has been filled in with rocks or there is an ethereal wall), the caster must make a perception roll. If successful, the teleporters take 2d6 points of damage and are tossed out of the ether at a place d20 yards from the nearest livable place. If unsuccessful, they take 3d6 points of damage (three of which will be injuries) and are tossed d100 miles from the nearest livable place. Each separate object or character are rolled for separately, for damage, distance, and direction (usually it is easiest to roll direction on a d12, using the result as a point on a clock).

There is a chance that the sorceror will slightly miss the destination, especially for unfamiliar destinations. The sorceror must make a perception roll, at a bonus of 10 if the place is one with which the caster is extremely familiar (several months of intimate knowledge, such as the place you grew up), a bonus of 5 if the place is one with which the caster is familiar or has carefully studied for several days, no bonus if the place is one which the caster has visited casually, a penalty of three if the caster has never been there but only seen it, and a penalty of six if the caster has never seen it and is going by someone else’s description. There is an additional penalty of three if the caster is currently lost. If this roll is failed, multiply the amount it fails by 10 for the percentage of the distance between the caster’s current location and the desired location, that the attempt is off by. Roll d12 for the direction of error.