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Sulfuric Burst

Range:20 yards per level
Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:sulfur in an aspic bead
Casting time:4
Area of effect:1 creature or object

Sulfuric burst sends a ball of bubbling, burning goo toward the target. The target is allowed an evasion roll. On a successful evasion roll, the target takes d8 damage. On an unsuccessful evasion roll, the target takes 2d4 points damage and the burst has stuck to the victim. The goo sticks for one extra round for every three levels the spell is cast at. It lasts for one extra round if the spell is cast at fourth or fifth level. It lasts for two extra rounds if the spell is cast at sixth to eighth level, etc.

The goo causes 2d4 points of damage each round that it sticks.