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Range:15 yards per level
Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:pinch of eye sand
Duration:4 rounds per level
Casting time:2
Area of effect:5 yard radius

Sleep causes a number of creatures in the area of effect to go to a magical sleep for the duration of the spell. (They may remain asleep afterward, depending on conditions.) The player rolls 3d6. This is the number of levels of creatures, starting with the lowest levels, that are affected. Each potential creature is allowed a willpower roll.

The player may (before rolling the dice) reduce the number of levels affected and apply this as a penalty to the reactions against the sleep spell. If the reduction is 3 or more, it is possible for zero levels (and thus zero creatures) to be affected.

The spell cannot affect targets higher level than the spell was cast at. Sleep must be targeted on a creature, though it can affect other creatures that the sorceror cannot see and does not know about.