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Shade Effects

Casting time:special
Area of effect:10 yards radius per level

Shade effects allows the caster to retain control over effects that normally can’t be changed after casting. A light, for example, can be varied in brightness to the caster’s whim. Wind walls can be moved about.

Common effects include range, target, area, and special effects. A wizard could move enchant a weapon from weapon to weapon, for example (but would still have to touch each weapon). If a reaction is allowed against the spell, a successful reaction cancels the shade effects. If the affected spell’s center of effect ever leaves the radius of effect of the shade effects, shade effects is cancelled and the affected spell is stuck in whatever state it was at, at that time. Otherwise, the duration of shade effects is the same as the affected spell.

Shade effects must be cast immediately before the spell to be affected. Casting time is the number of effects the caster desires control over.