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Sensory Assurance/Uncertainty

Range:level yards
Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:paper chain
Duration:level minutes
Casting time:2
Area of effect:level yard radius
Reverse:Sensory Uncertainty

The character under the influence of sensory assurance will take at face value that whatever they perceive is how they perceive it. They will believe that sleight of hand tricks are real, and that ventriloquist’s dummies really are speaking. The character will ignore less direct evidence to the contrary.

Sensory assurance is also useful when used along with visual spells such as angular reformation and ephemeral backdrop.

When someone under the power of sensory assurance tries to physically test their perceptions, another reaction roll is allowed to realize something is wrong.

Sensory uncertainty causes victims to mistrust everything they see. Distances are uncertain, familiar faces might be someone else, and everything must be taken cautiously and with care.