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Scribal Servant

Formula:ingredients, words
Ingredients:woad ink, scribe’s pen
Duration:10 minutes per level
Casting time:1 round
Area of effect:level yard radius

This spell causes a scribe’s pen to take dictation, writing out onto paper or other surface designed for writing what the targeted speakers say. The caster can designate up to level speakers to be recorded. If a speaker exits the range of the spell, their words are no longer recorded, even if they re-enter the spell’s range.

The scribal servant will follow simple directions about what to scratch out, what not to record, and how to emphasize or quote specific passages.

The pen must have been a scribe’s tool for at least a year. The scribal servant will use the script that scribe most commonly uses. Neither pen, paper, nor ink are used up by the spell, although the paper will be covered with ink depending on how much was said, and ink will be depleted depending on how much was set to paper.