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Range:5 yards
Duration:10 minutes per level
Casting time:4
Area of effect:half level opponents

When casting riddleshield the sorceror presents a riddle to the target. Until the target solves the riddle, they may not attack or in any way attempt to harm the caster. For all other actions and reactions they are at a penalty of 1.

Targets must be able to understand the caster’s language and reasonably be able to hear the riddle. The spell ends once any target solves the riddle or when the duration ends.

Guides must decide how likely a non-player opponent is to solve any particular riddle; but the Guide must solve the riddle for NPCs. Player characters and NPCs are allowed a reason roll; if successful the riddling player must provide a hint. If more than one target makes their reason roll, each must be given a different hint.

The caster may not personally attack the targets of the riddleshield, but is otherwise free to act and cast spells for the duration of the spell.