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Formula:gestures, words
Duration:until discharged
Casting time:12
Area of effect:1 person

Promise holds the target to a promise of some action. The target must make the promise willingly and under no magical, spiritual, or psychic compulsion. That is, the promise must be of their own choice (though that choice can be influenced by events outside of their control).

The promise must be a promise that can be fulfilled. Open-ended promises fail within level days. Promises that can only be fulfilled in the target’s death fail immediately.

Once under the spell’s effects, the target must do their best to fulfill the promise. If they deviate from their promise, delay its fulfillment, or twist its meaning, they will suffer greatly: every day that they do not work toward the promise’s fulfillment, they gain an additional penalty of one to all rolls. These penalties are permanent and cumulative until the character begins to truly fulfill the promise, at which point the penalties disappear one per day.