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Personal Alteration

Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:wet clay
Duration:3 minutes per level
Casting time:4

Personal alteration changes the sorceror’s appearance and shape. The shape must be basically human in form, but may be up to half again as large as the caster in any direction or half the size of the caster.

The new form may also include physical additions such as wings and claws. These are not as effective as the original form, however. Physical movement in the new form, other than bipedally, is at half the movement it would be if the form were real. Attack rolls while using the new form’s non-leg-based movements are at a penalty of two. Claw attacks are at a penalty of two to attack and one to damage, and do not afford the caster more attacks than the caster would normally receive.

The new form cannot give the caster any special abilities, or bonuses to defense or attack.

The alteration includes any clothing and non-magical equipment the caster is carrying.

Taking on the form of a specific individual is difficult and most likely will require a perception roll on the caster’s part to successfully imitate the desired individual’s facial and other features.