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Permanent Enchantment

Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:diamond or special
Duration:verve binding
Casting time:10 minutes
Area of effect:1 spell

Permanent enchantment causes any spell to become nearly permanent. The affected spell must normally have a duration. The caster must touch either the target of the to-be-permanent spell, or that spell’s caster. If that caster does not wish the spell to be made permanent, a reason roll is allowed to avoid permanency.

The spell’s ingredient is a diamond or other precious work worth at least 100 silver coins per level of the spell to be made permanent. If the diamond is destroyed, the permanency is also destroyed. The diamond (or other precious item) need not remain near the permanent spell.

Casting a permanent enchantment spell requires binding two verve, plus the bound spell’s level, plus the bound spell’s casting level. It also reduces the caster’s endurance by 1, and gives the caster three injuries.