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Mnemonic Transferal

Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:gryphon quill, green emerald
Casting time:special
Area of effect:caster

This spell takes a spell that is currently memorized and copies it to empty spell slots in the caster’s mind. The transferred spell remains in its original slot also. The caster could, for example, use mnemonic transferal on a memorized fireball spell. If the caster has five free slots, the caster then has two memorized fireball spells.

The casting time for mnemonic transferal is the level of the spell being transferred.

The components of this spell are a quill from a gryphon, inscribed with special runes, and a green emerald worth at least 200 silver coins. The quill can be re-used. The emerald can only be used for 9 spell levels.