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Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:broom whisker, cookbook page, servant’s cap
Duration:30 minutes per level
Casting time:1 minute
Area of effect:3 yard radius per level

The maidservant is an invisible force that can dust, prepare meals, iron, launder and dry clothing, sew and mend clothing, shop, maintain a pantry, clean and dress infants, serve meals, dress and undress an adult, maintain a fire in a fireplace or stove, boil water, wash dishes, and sweep and scrub floors. It will attend only to the person it is attached to, and can be told by its master to perform a particular task unsupervised, such as shopping to refill a pantry, or serving a meal until guests are finished. It can carry up to three pounds per level, and pull or push twice that. (Things that are easy for a human to move, such as doors on hinges, can also be moved by the maidservant.)

Since it has no form, the maidservant can neither attack nor be attacked physically, nor can it maintain a hold on something if someone grabs it away. The maidservant can act outside of the area of effect, but only in furtherance of a command given within the area of effect, such as to obtain a particular hat from the closet.

The servant’s cap must have been used by a maidservant for at least a year, and is not used up by the spell.