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Magic Table

Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:mule’s hair
Duration:20 minutes per level
Casting time:1 round
Area of effect:4 yards per level

Magic table creates a magical, moving table anywhere within the area of effect. The table will follow the caster anywhere. It is one yard in diameter and can carry 100 pounds per level. The table is slightly concave; if items roll, they will roll to the center of the table. The table always remains horizontal, and can move with the caster at a movement of up to level plus 5. It moves with the caster automatically at the distance at which it was created, but can be commanded to move anywhere the caster desires in the area of effect. The table’s surface will remain at about mid-level to the caster at all times.

When the spell’s duration expires, the table lowers itself to the ground (over a round) and disappears. If the caster moves too fast for the table and the table thus leaves the area of effect, the table disappears immediately, tumbling everything it carried to the ground.