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Magic Door

Range:1 foot per level
Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:silver dust
Duration:level rounds
Casting time:1 round
Area of effect:2 doors

Magic door connects two doorways so that walking through one exits the other. Each particular door is one way, in that the teleport only applies to one side of the door: the caster’s side at the local end, and the opposite side at the other end. The spell, however, is a two-way spell in that items and creatures can enter either door, to be transported to the other.

Light and sound traverse the doors as if they were normal doors to their magical destinations.

While the doors need not be actual doors, they must be pre-existing entrances/exits used for entry and egress. They must be approximately the same size. If the two doors are of the same basic type and shape, opening one opens the other. Otherwise (as for a door to a window), each must be opened separately, and from the correct side.

The near door must be within the range of the spell. The far door must be within 10 yards per level. The doors must be larger enough for the caster to use, and must fit completely within spell range.