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Magic Box

Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:tiny sponge
Duration:12 hours plus level
Casting time:1 minute
Area of effect:1 empty container

The magic box can hold ten times as much as it normally could. A five by five by five inch box, for example, could hold as much stuff as if it were fifty by fifty by fifty inches. Each individual item must still fit through the box’s opening. The Magic Box need not be a box: it could be a bag, a pocket, a jar, or any normal container.

The magic box will weigh its own weight plus one tenth the weight of everything in it. It cannot hold more than level times 30 pounds. If the container itself contains more than one container, each container divides the storage capacity evenly. If a fourth level sorceror casts magic box on a sash with five pockets, for example, each pocket will hold up to 24 pounds as if it were 2.4 pounds.

The container must be no more than twice level inches diameter.

When the spell ends, any items remaining in the box are expelled through the opening(s).