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Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:precious metal or gem
Casting time:half spell level hours
Area of effect:1 spell of up to level

Inscription prepares a spell for impression on the sorceror’s mind. Usually, this takes the form of writing the spell in a spellbook, but different cultures may use different forms of inscribed spells. The precious metal is used in the construction of the inscription (for example, inlaid into the pages of the spellbook). It takes 30 minutes per level of the spell being inscribed to inscribe a spell, and the precious metal or other material must be worth 10 silver coins per level of the spell.

Inscribed spells may only be used by the sorceror who inscribed it. However, other sorcerors may, if they gain access to the inscription, copy it to their own spellbook through use of inscription if they understand the spell.