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Phantasmal Self

Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:miniature mask
Duration:2d6 minutes plus 2 per level
Casting time:2
Area of effect:caster
Reaction:perception (active)

Phantasmal self alters the appearance of the caster. The caster’s basic form remains the same, but the caster can make themselves appear shorter or taller by up to six inches plus one inch per level. They can appear fatter or thinner in a similar manner. They can alter their own appearance considerably, within the constraints of a human-like creature: a human sorceror could appear as an armored Orc or a green-clad Elf, for example.

The spell alters only appearance, although the phantasmal component will cause viewers to create the other senses. The caster gains no special abilities, and it is the caster’s responsibility to mimic any mannerisms. Failure to do so may grant reaction rolls to see through the illusion. If the caster’s gear and clothing do not match the illusory gear and clothing, attacking the caster may also grant a reaction roll. Merely touching or examining the caster does not generate a reaction roll, as the victim’s mind creates the appropriate tactile feel to match the phantasmal self.

Victims who see through the illusion still see the visual effects of the spell rather than the actual caster.