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Great Balls of Fire

Range:10 yards per level
Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:sulfur and urine
Casting time:10
Area of effect:special
Reaction:fortitude or evasion

The caster may create a number of great balls of fire equal to the casting level. The total dice damage of all balls cannot exceed level d6, and no single ball may exceed 10d6 damage. The caster may otherwise allot the dice among each of the balls of fire. Each ball of fire is similar to a great ball of fire, except that its radius is one yard for each d6 allotted to it.

If a target is caught in multiple balls of fire, only the ball causing the most damage applies. However, for each ball that could affect the target, and that overlaps other balls by less than half its radius, there is a penalty of 1 to the reaction roll.

There must be a clear line between the caster and the centers of effect. Anything that blocks that line will cause the ball to explode early.