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Formula:gestures, ingredients
Ingredients:glass slivers, smoke
Duration:2 minutes per level
Casting time:4
Area of effect:1 object

Ghostshape causes an object that weighs no more than 4 pounds per level and is no more than 3 inches per level on a side, to become ghost-like for up to a number of rounds equal to the caster’s level. The spell automatically quits after the object is pushed completely through something solid (e.g., a wall). If the object is in something solid when the spell’s maximum duration is up, its being is intertwined with that solid.

Objects held by someone else have that person’s reactions. Magical items and living creatures may not be ghosted.

Ghosted items are not affected by gravity. They cannot be pushed through living things. A ghosted item would not, for example, go through an Elven space flitter or the biofolds of the Tectonis, since those vessels are alive. While any living creature can thus touch a ghosted item, only the caster can actually grasp it. To others, it feels nearly immaterial, and weightless.

The spell’s components are a bit of smoke and some glass slivers.